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Turf Management Program that includes 8 treatments of the following services:

Ferrell Lawn Care, LLC


As a Maryland State licensed Fertilizer Applicator (MDA-F 0908)  Ferrell Lawn Care will take soil samples from your lawn, and after analysis by a lab, we will apply fertilizer as needed in the Spring, Summer, early Fall and late Fall.

Pre-Emergent Control

The way to a great looking yard is to control the weeds before they can germinate.  An application of a pre-emergent herbicide stops most weeds and crabgrass from growing.  This should be applied in the spring along with a application of Fertilizer to jump start the growing cycle. We are a Maryland Department of Agriculture Licensed Applicator (MDA 32172). So you can be assured that what we apply is safe for you and the environment.

Weed Control

During the growing season you may have some unsightly weeds. We can control them with a series of treatments. 

Insect Control

You may find areas in the yard that are thin and even bare that could be caused by insects eating the roots. We can control them with topical treatments.

Aeration of Turf in Fall

What is Aeration?

Aeration is putting small holes into your lawn to promote growth of your turf.
Machines can either poke holes into your lawn with spikes or pull plugs of the turf out of the lawn.

Why Aerate?

Aeration is a very cost-effective way to re-energize your lawn.
​By aerating, we are able to add air, water and nutrients into highly compacted soil.
Adding a fresh layer of seed after aeration will also promote more grass growth.

Why Ferrell Lawn Care?

We only use top-of-the-line commercial core plug aerators that are capable of pulling up to a 4" plug.
The deeper the plug, the better the penetration.
Our aerators also have more tines per square foot than most other aerators.  This allows more plugs to be pulled and a more thorough job penetrating the soil.

Overseeding of Turf in Fall 

After aeration of your lawn, Ferrell Lawn Care will overseed your turf.
We stand out above our competition by using a high-quality Blue Tag Certified, tri-fescue seed product.
Why bother aerating, if you use a poor quality seed product?

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